Welcome to our Apothecary Boutique

In addition to our spa, we also have our Acworth Apothecary Boutique where you can buy quality beauty products to take home with you.

All of the products we offer come from trusted partners who make quality products that you’ll absolutely love. Take a bit of Pearl’s Spa home with you to enjoy with our Acworth spa products for sale in Marietta and other nearby cities!

Boutique Suppliers

Hydra Aromatherapy

Give yourself the best bath of your life! From bath bombs to bathtub teas to moisturizing soaps, Hydra Aromatherapy has everything you need for bath time.

Moon Valley Organics

Find everything you need for cleansing and moisturizing from Moon Valley Organics. From body bars, to lip balms, to lotion bars, their products are made with herbs and other all-natural ingredients.


Trust your skin with the pros. Their skincare products are used worldwide and are used to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize for beautiful results.

Candace and Kids Soap Company

Enjoy moisturizing soaps made from 100% farm-fresh goat’s milk. Goat’s milk has the same pH level as human skin, so it provides the perfect balance while moisturizing with natural ingredients.

Musee Soak in Life

Indulge with hand-made bath bombs, candles, and soaps sold in our Acworth Apothecary Boutique. Musee uses all-natural ingredients and makes every single one of their products by hand. Soak in moisturizing bath bombs while you light an invigorating candle for the ultimate relaxation.

Jane Iredale – Makeup

Use makeup that is actually good for your skin! Jane’s mission was to create makeup that also works as skincare. From eyeshadow to foundation, all of Jane’s makeup benefits your skin. Find this along with other Acworth spa products at Pearl’s Spa and Apothecary Boutique serving Marietta and other surrounding areas.